Salary & Benefits

Hourly Rate

Hourly rate range is $18-$25/hour depending on the nanny's experience, educational background, and the expectations & duties of the position.

Consistent Pay

Professional nannies need consistent income.  We request that our nannies receive full pay every week of the year regardless if she/he works five hours a week or fifty hours a week.  Nannies rely on a regular paycheck in order to meet their financial obligations and should be paid for all scheduled hours regardless if the family cancels, is on vacation, or the nanny is no longer needed.

Vacation Pay

For families that take up to four weeks vacation per year, we suggest that the nanny be paid in full as usual.  For families that take more than four weeks vacation per year, we suggest working together to come to an arrangement that is fair for both nanny and family.  This could mean having the nanny catch up on bigger tasks around the home during this time such as organizing the playroom, rotating seasonal clothing, etc. Some families and nannies have found that “banking” hours works well for the benefit of having consistent income. But legally all hours worked need to be paid hours (as well as overtime hours) for your employee. Most importantly the minimum wage law has to be met, and then there are possible ways for the nanny and family to work out a legal agreement.


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