Current Opportunities

Family in Portland’s West End neighborhood is looking for a PART TIME HOUSEHOLD MANAGER/COOK for their family.  They have two children ages almost 3 and almost 1 that are in daycare fulltime.  They need help getting dinner ready, grocery shopping, meal prep, Target runs, laundry, tidying, some cleaning although they do have a regularly schedule housekeeper, errands, etc.  They are in need of about 12-15 hours/week and can be flexible with what those hours are so long as dinner can be ready for 5:30/5:45pm.  Ideally you would have occasional morning availability 6:30-8:30am to help get the children to school as well as occasional evening availability to help pick up from school 5:15pm when parents are both traveling.  They are looking for someone that has great initiative and can see what is needed without always having to be directed by the parents and will work well on your own.  Pay is $20/hour.

Family in Portland expecting their first baby in Jan is looking for a FULL/PART TIME NANNY to start mid-March.  They are a two doctor family and have a rotating schedule that they know on the 15th the month prior so the nanny can plan accordingly.  Dad has a very consistent schedule and mom works 15 shifts/month in the ER.  The nanny will be needed on average 25-35 hours/week.  Although the hours change and rotate, the majority do fall in the afternoon/early evenings (dad is home usually between 6-8pm).  Portland Nannies will have a sample schedule to share with potential nannies so you can have a better idea.  They are looking for a nanny who has infant experience, is easy going, would be willing to take the baby out and about/socialization/playdates, and who is flexible and reliable.  They are open to a nanny with a child so long as the nanny is flexible and has coverage for her child if sick as they need the nanny to be extremely reliable.  Pay is $14-$22/hr + paid vaca/holidays/mileage reimbursement/travel with family.

Family in South Portland is looking for a PART TIME NANNY to start January 2nd for her two boys ages almost 3 and 7 months old.  They need help Mondays and Fridays 8am-5:30pm for 19 hours/week.  They need someone for at least the next two years, the children will stay in school Tues-Thurs so they do have longer term needs.  They are looking for a nanny that enjoys going out and about in the community, will find fun adventures and outings for them, enjoys playing with them, reading, and is creative.  Dad works home occasionally.  They are open to a nanny with child but vehicle must be able to fit carseats for all children.  Pay is $15-$17/hr + paid holidays/vaca.

Family in Portland is looking for a TEMPORARY NANNY while their current nanny is out on maternity leave to help out January 21-March 29th (with  Jan 30-Feb 1 and March 6-8 off).  Hours will be fulltime 40 hours/week, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm for two boys ages 2 and 4.  They would love a nanny who is active, engaging, and willing to play and take the boys out.

Family in Buxton is looking for a PART TIME NANNY to start January for their 6 week old baby girl.  The are looking for a nanny 3 days/week for about 24 hours/week.  They are flexible which days as well as hours (8-4, 9-5, 10-6…?)  Mom is a SAHM and dad works out of the state weeks at a time.   The nanny can maintain her 24 hours/week when dad is home as they will work on projects together.  They would like a nanny to focus on the baby and give mom an opportunity to go out, get things done, possibly attending classes, etc.   Additional duties when time allows such as cleaning, sweeping, dishes, letting the 2 po would be helpful.   T hey would love a nanny who is professional & experienced, loving, reliable, kind, positive, and efficient.  Pay is $20-$22/hr $480-$528/week consistent pay + paid holidays+ paid vaca, travel with family.  They would love ideally for at least a two year commitment.

Family in NYC is looking for a FULLTIME LIVE-IN Nanny to care for their soon to be born infant daughter.  Position will start mid-March 2019 and they are hoping for at least a 1-2 year commitment.  They are open and flexible with their schedule, they will need about 40 hours/week.  Mom and dad both work from home so there is some flexibility.  There will be a variety of hours, some full days, some shorter days, some evening, and occasional weekend hours.  They would be very open and encouraging of the nanny signing up for classes and can work around any of her own plans, they are more than willing to work out a schedule with the nanny.  The family has a home right in NYC and nanny will have her own bedroom and bathroom.   They also have a home in the Hamptons and spend most of the summer there; nanny will have her own bedroom and bathroom at that home as well.  They are looking for a loving, professional nanny who has a great deal of experience with newborns/toddlers.  They are first time parents and looking for guidance and support from the nanny.  Duties are all baby focused and related, no additional expectations other than baby care.   The pay and benefits being offered depend on the nanny’s experience, background, and education.  They are open to offering a weekly pay rate of $500-$1,000/week + health insurance, paid holidays, paid sick days, paid vacation, paid travel with the family, and gym membership.  They would love for the nanny to hold a passport or obtain a passport as they do travel frequently and would love for the nanny to join them. 

Family in Ellsworth, Maine is looking for a FULL TIME Live-in OR Live-Out nanny to help care for their 3 year old son.  Both parents are doctors and they are looking for consistent, reliable help to get him ready in the morning, off to school, then when he gets out of school, dinner, help with dishes, laundry, and tidying.  Childcare will be mostly before and after school as well as school vaca weeks and no-school days.  They can offer 30-40 hours/week for the nanny in order to have availability and reliability.  The range of when the nanny’s hours would be fall between 6:30am-9am and then 3:30pm-6:30pm and then a few hours in between to help around the home with cooking, laundry, cleaning.  If the nanny would like to LIVE-IN she/he would have their own separate bedroom and sitting area and bathroom and would share the kitchen with the family.  Pay for live-in would be  $450-$725/week.  Live-out nannies would be offered up to $20/hr depending on experience as a nanny and duties she would take on as a household manager.  Position starts ASAP and is long term.  They are looking for a professional nanny.

Family in South Portland is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY to start MARCH 2019 for their family Monday- Friday 7:30/8am-5:00pm.  They will have 3 month old infant twins and their oldest will be 3 and in school full days- so care will be for infants.  Duties include all things baby related, help with the family’s two dogs, and pitch in around the home as needed.  The number one priority will be the focus on the babies.  Nanny should be upbeat, loving, comfortable with dogs, comfortable with a two mommy family, fun, reliable, and loves the infant age.   Pay is $800/week.

Family in Falmouth is lookin for a FULLTIME NANNY/HOUSEHOLD MANAGER to start ASAP.  They have 3 children ages 9, 6, and 2.  THe mother is a stay-at-home-mom but definitely they are a busy family and need a second set of hands.  Schedule does allow for some flexibility but is currently Monday-Thursday 12:30-7:30pm and every other Saturday evening for about 30-35 hours/week.   Duties include picking up children from school, bringing to activities, playing, running errands, grocery shopping, meal prep, basic household cleaning and tidying, picking up, help with bedtime routines, work alongside mom making sure children and household are all well cared for.  They would love a nanny who is flexible, organized, takes initiative, outgoing, healthy, friendly, smart, and mature.   Pay is $17-$20/hr + paid vacations.  They would love a 2 year commitment.

FAMILY ABOVE: Falmouth family above is also open to pairing up two nannies to work their position.  They are open to having one nanny take on 2-3 days and the other taking on 1-2 days with them.  I think they are really just looking for the right fit!

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