Current Opportunities

Two families working together for a nanny share, both girls are 18 months old starting mid-June for at least one+ year.  They would like someone available 9-5, 2-3 days/week and can be flexible on those days.  One family lives in Freeport, the other on the Durham line and just 15 minutes from each other.  They would take turns as to which house the nanny would provide care at.  They would love a nanny who is playful, enjoys lots of outdoor play, takes initiative, can come up with fun activities and art projects, would be able to help with potty training, and would be able to help both girls with their different nap schedules.  Both families have dogs and one mom works from her home office.  Pay is open depending on the nanny and her experience, $18-$24/hour if with both kids and if just one child $14-$18/hour + paid vaca/sick/taxes withheld from each family.


Family in Falmouth is in need of a PART TIME NANNY to start mid July for their family Tuesday and Thursdays 9:30am-5:30pm for 16 hours/week.  They have a 3 year old girl and 3 month old boy.   They are looking for a nanny who is patient, friendly, flexible, willing to get outside and taking on walks (they live close by MacWorth Island), is engaging, and loves going on adventures.  The father occasionally works from home.  They are open to a nanny with child.  Pay is $18-$21/hour + Paid holidays.


Family in Hallowell (outside Augusta, an hour from Portland) needs a FULLTIME NANNY to start July for their family Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.  They have a 5 year old son in full day school and a 1 year old daughter.  Duties include bringing and picking up the oldest from school or camp, playing with the one year old, taking out and about, going outside, helping to establish nap time routines, and occasional help with laundry and vacuuming.   Their one year old has some respiratory issues that might require nebulize treatments at times.  They are looking for a nanny who is a good communicator, attentive, nurturing, accepting, and immunized to reduce exposure of illnesses for their daughter.  Pay is $560/week + paid vacations +Paid holidays.  They are open to a nanny with a child.


Family in Winthrop (by Augusta, an hour from Portland) needs a TEMPORARY/SUMMER nanny to help out starting May 28-August 21 Monday-Thursday 7:30am-3pm for a total of 30 hours/week.  Their children are ages 2.5 and 6 months old.  They live on a lake and would like someone who enjoys being outside, is active, playful, willing to stick to routines, is patient, loving, and able to balance the needs of a baby and toddler.  The mother works from an in-home office.  Pay is $15/hour.


Family in Portland’s West End is looking for a Full Time nanny to join their family this September and stay the school year until mid June 2020- both parents are teachers.  They are due with their first baby boy this July who will be about 8 weeks old.  The schedule is Monday-Friday 7:30am-2:00pm for a total of 32.5 hours/week.   They are looking for a nanny who will enjoy getting out and about on walks as they live in a very walkable area in Portland.  Both parents work within a 5-10 minute walk from their home and they would love for the nanny to sometimes walk over for a lunch break or for the mom to breastfeed the baby.  Grandparents live in Yarmouth so occasionally driving the baby there to drop off there.   Duties include caring for infant and all baby related duties as well as help with letting the dog out, dishes, laundry when possible.   Position pays $15-$20/hour plus paid holidays/vaca.  If the nanny is interested in a longer commitment, they are open to the idea of having the nanny continue in the fall of 2020 if she would like. 


Family in Scarborough is looking for a fulltime nanny to start Mid-June/End of June for their 4.5 y/o, 3.5 year old, and baby due in July.  They are looking for a nanny to work around 30-36 hours/week.  Summer hours vary due to  camps but would likely be Monday-Friday with Tues/Thurs being shorter days.  School year position hours would be Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri 8am-5pm.  They are looking for a bilingual nanny who can encourage a second language around the children and speak fluently in said language.   They are looking for a nanny who is loving, a professional, energetic, willing to give advice/suggestions to parents and a good communicator.  Duties include helping children to/from school/camps, getting ready, meals, playtime, art projects, taking kids out and about, children’s laundry if time allows.  Parents both have an at-home office with dad being out most of the time and mom working from home most of the time.  They are offering a weekly take home salary of $650/week + paid holidays+paid sick days+ paid vacation.  Also includes a performance based end of year bonus.


Family in Portland is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY to join their family mid June for their 3 month old baby girl.  They are looking for a nanny Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (some flexibility if the nanny needs within an hour difference in start or end times).  This position is all things baby related- caring for her, feeding, diapers, bathing, talking, cuddling, reading, playing, taking walks, and baby’s laundry.  They would love a nanny who is infant experienced, is smart, flexible, reliable, patient, and a good communicator.  Dad works from an in-home office that is separate.  They would love for a nanny to stay at minimum one year and pay is $14-$20/hour + paid holidays+ paid vacation.


Family in Cape Elizabeth is looking for a PART TIME NANNY/HOUSEHOLD MANAGER to start with them this September.  They have three children ages 8, 6, and 4 years old.  They need help before school 7am-9am and then after school 2pm-6pm.  The parents have a rotating schedule that they are able to plan out two months in advance and nanny will be needed about 15 shifts/month, Mon-Friday for those hours.  Duties include getting ready for school, driving to and from school, play time, activities, meals, bedtime if a later shift.  General cleaning and help with dishes, grocery shopping, etc will be helpful.  They are open to a weekly salary or hourly rate +paid holidays +paid sick days + paid vacation.  


Family in SouthWest Harbor is looking for a LIVE-IN SUMMER NANNY or a LIVE-IN year round nanny to help provide care for their 16 year old daughter with autism.  They need help in the mornings 6:45am-9am and afternoons/evenings 2pm-6/6:30pm for approximately 40 hours/week.  Their daughter needs 100% care- she is non verbal, has epilepsy (does not require medical, nursing care), needs assistance with all daily living skills such as eating, dressing, bathing, and toileting.  A provider that will work well will be patient  as she isn’t always quick to follow directions, she communicates with her looks, it takes time for her to respond/react, someone that enjoys being outside, taking walks, is safe, supportive, and is a good communicator.  For the live-in nanny they are able to offer $15-$16/hour + room and board which includes your own bedroom, bathroom, and sitting area.  If live-out they are open to an hourly rate of $16-$18/hour + including a rent subsidy. 


Family in Ellsworth, Maine is looking for a FULL TIME Live-in OR Live-Out nanny to help care for their 3 year old son.  Both parents are doctors and they are looking for consistent, reliable help to get him ready in the morning, off to school, then when he gets out of school, dinner, help with dishes, laundry, and tidying.  Childcare will be mostly before and after school as well as school vaca weeks and no-school days.  They can offer 30-40 hours/week for the nanny in order to have availability and reliability.  The range of when the nanny’s hours would be fall between 6:30am-9am and then 3:30pm-6:30pm and then a few hours in between to help around the home with cooking, laundry, cleaning.  If the nanny would like to LIVE-IN she/he would have their own separate bedroom and sitting area and bathroom and would share the kitchen with the family.  Pay for live-in would be  $450-$725/week.  Live-out nannies would be offered up to $20/hr depending on experience as a nanny and duties she would take on as a household manager.  Position starts ASAP and is long term.  They are looking for a professional nanny.


Family in Yarmouth with two girls ages 4 and 7 is looking for an afterschool nanny to help out Monday-Friday 3-6pm.  Position starts September and would love someone year round, long term.  Duties include picking up the youngest from NYA and then the oldest from their schools, coming home for snack, play, activities, neighborhood playtime, occasional transport to dance/soccer/practice/etc, help with meal prep, loading dishwasher, and kids laundry.   They would love a nanny who is engaging, dependable, is proactive, is mature, has a safe/reliable car, and will keep carseats installed.  Pay is $20/hour.


Family in Yarmouth is looking for a Full Time Nanny to start with them end of July/Early August for their 6 month old and almost 5 year old boys.  The schedule varies on a rotating basis and the family guarantees 30 hours/week pay minimum.  Most weeks the nanny works about 25 hours/week (but paid for 30 hours), but there will be occasional weeks where it’s just 10 hours and other weeks where it is 50 hours.  The office has a sample schedule for the month of August we can share with you and parents know their schedule a month in advance and can also plan for a nanny’ scheduling needs with advance notice.  Duties will include dropping off/picking up the oldest to preschool five days/week, playing with both kids in afternoons/school vaca weeks, summer, and during the day when it’s mostly the baby- all baby duties, getting outside, playdates, playtime, nap time.  Other duties that would be helpful include children’s dishes and clean up, children’s laundry, and occasional errands.  They would love a nanny who is reliable, dependable, mature, playful, enjoys being outside, is flexible, and willing to stay long term ideally.  Occasionally the nanny will be needed a weekend shift or holiday shift but they will know well in advance and you can plan accordingly.  Pay is $17-$20/hour.


Family in Yarmouth with two girls ages 3 and 1 needs a PART TIME SUMMER NANNY to start  June 4th until the end of August.  The schedule will be Tuesdays and Thursdays 8am-4pm for a total of 16 hours/week.  There will be a wide variety of duties for the nanny including bringing to and from school/daycare, playtime, meals, and be engaging with the girls.  When there is downtime they would like some help with grocery shopping, errands, home organizing, ironing, laundry and bed linens, and light cleaning.  Mom is sometimes in and out of the home.   Pay is $18/hour.


Family in Kennebunk is looking for an experienced  NIGHTTIME NEWBORN NANNY to start August for their soon-to-be-born in August infant.  Their ideal schedule will be Tuesday, Thursday, and Sundays 8pm-8am for about 36 hours/week but times can be flexible.  They would love for the newborn nanny to stay for four months helping the baby get on a schedule, help with feedings- bringing the baby to mom to nurse at night, diapers, baby laundry, helping with baby supplies, is knowledgeable with infants and can help guide parents and make suggestions/tips, and is reliable.  Also a nanny up to date or willing to be updated on vaccines is required for this position.  Pay is $18-$25/hour


Family in Falmouth is in need of a PART TIME NANNY with flexible hours to start ASAP for their 6 week old and 5 year old boys.  She would love 3 days/week, 3-4 hour shifts and can be flexible on days and hours.  Just an idea on what could work, a variety including 9am-1pm, 11am-2pm, 11am-3pm, and 1pm-4 (on a Tues or Thurs)  They are open and willing to work with a nanny’s availability.  Care is mostly for the infant as the oldest is in some summer camps and will be full time kindergarten come fall.  Mom is an at-home parent looking for help so she can get things done outside of the home.  Nanny could be in charge of just baby or both boys.  Duties include playing, meeting their needs, is engaging with them, likes being outside, doing craft projects, is flexible, and easy to work with.  Pay is $20/hour + travel opportunities if the nanny is interested. 


Family in Portland is looking for a PART TIME NANNY to join their family in caring for their 3 month old infant starting the end of June.  Hours are Tuesday-Thursday Noon-5:30pm for a total of 16.5 hours/week (Willing to increase to 18-20 hours/week if nanny needs more).  They are looking for a nanny experienced in caring for an infant, genuinely loves being a nanny, is willing to stay at minimum one year longer would be ideal, is nurturing, calm, and has a good understanding of children’s growth and development.   Mom works from her in-home office, nanny’s duties include all baby related duties, playtime, age appropriate activities, loading/unloading the dishwasher, helping with baby laundry.  Position pays $20-$22 (possibly up to $25/hour for an extremely experienced nanny)+ Paid vaca/holidays.  They are open to a nanny with a child.


Family moving to Scarborough is looking for a part time nanny to start with them June 13-17th.  They have a 2.5 year old and 10 month old.  They are looking for a nanny Monday-Wednesday OR Tuesday-Thursday but would need to know your preference asap to put in their request with their new employer.  The shifts will be 7am-4:30pm for a total of 28.5 hours/week. They are looking for an active nanny that enjoys going out and about, exploring, and finding kid friendly activities to do together.   They are looking for a nanny who is kind, loving, safe yet fun, loves being outside, and adventurous.  Other duties including driving children, playing, nap time, cleaning up after children.   Pay is $16-$18/hour.


Family in Falmouth is looking for a PART TIME NANNY to start October for their soon-to-be-born in July baby girl.  Hours will be Monday-Wednesday 8:30am-4:30pm for at least 24 hours/week.  They are looking for a nanny who is experienced with infants, is up to date with current sleeping/playing positions for infants, is warm, easygoing, and flexible.  Duties include just baby related care.  They are offering $20/hour, $480/week (flexible).


Family in South Portland with a one year old boy needs a FULLTIME NANNY to start end of August (flexible, sometime between Aug 19 and Sept 2).  Their hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5:30pm for about 47.5 hours/week.  They would love someone that could commit with them for at least two years.  They are looking for a nanny that is active, engaging, likes to stay busy, taking him out and about to the library, playgroups, lessons, and on adventures everyday.   The nanny should also be reliable, on time, warm, kind willing to run an errand or two while out and about, help out with laundry, and dishes.  Pay is $16-$18/hour approximately  $800-$900/week + paid vaca/holidays.  They are open to a nanny bringing their child.


Family in Falmouth is looking for an AFTERSCHOOL NANNY Monday-Friday 3pm-6pm to help with their three children ages 6, 4, and almost 2 years old.  Start date can be anytime between Now-August.  Duties include picking up children from school, bringing home, snacks/meals, helping with children laundry, picking up after children.  They would love a nanny who is patient, creative, sully, active, and responsible.  Pay is $20/hour + Paid holidays/sick/vacation.  They would love a nanny to stay at least 2 years.


Two mommy Family in Bowdoin (45 minutes from Portland) is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY to start July Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.  They are looking for a nanny who is comfortable working with work-at-home parents as both have in-home offices on a dedicated floor of the home.  They have an infant born mid April and a 4 year old; care is mostly for the baby.  Duties include driving the oldest to preschool in the summer and then during the school year getting her on the bus.  Infant duties are feedings, changing, helping with sleep, engaging interaction with the baby, and helping with her cloth diaper laundry in which the family will help provide guidance.  They are requiring that their nanny be up to date on her MMR, DTAP, and Flu vaccines and will help with any costs for the nanny.  They are open to a nanny bringing her child.  They are offering $650/week + paid holidays/paid sick days/vacation as well as health insurance contribution (untaxed) 


Family in Gorham expecting their first baby this May is in need of a FULLTIME NANNY to start Mid-late August (flexible and could wait until September if need be).  Mom is a doctor and works approximately 14 long shifts/month, about 12-14 hours.  They would love a nanny who is flexible and sees the benefit of working 3-6 days in a row and then potentially having 3-7 days off in a row.  The hours will be 7am-7pm and the nanny will average 40 hours/week.  The family can offer a weekly salary or can pay the nanny just for hours worked; again they are flexible.   The father travels occasionally for work and on shifts where the mom is working a later night shift, it would be helpful if the nanny was flexible and willing to pick up very occasional later evenings.  Weekends almost never would be expected.  The mom knows her schedule months in advance so nanny can plan accordingly.  Duties include all things baby related and they are looking for a nanny who is comfortable and confident working with a newborn; they are first time parents so newborn experience is a must.  Other duties are helping with baby’s laundry, bottle dishes, and willing to help with their two dogs.  The family is requiring that potential nannies be up-to-date or willing to become up-to-date with vaccines and the flue shot.  They are open to a pay rate range of $16-$22/hour depending on nanny’s experience.  They are open to a nanny with child.


Family in Portland is looking for a FULLTIME nanny to join their family this September/October  Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm for 40 hours/week.  They are expecting a baby girl in July and have a 4 year old boy who will be in full day preschool M/W.   They are looking for a nanny to care for the baby and helping with feedings, sleep routines, taking on walks, baby classes, tummy time and then on the days the older child is home helping with both children, bringing to the library, help with preschool drop off/pick ups, and balancing the needs to two children.  Help with running an errand if out with the children, children’s laundry, children’s meals.  The would like a nanny with infant experience up to date or willing to be updated on her vaccines, a good communicator, willing to make a longer term commitment, and comfortable with a work-at-home parent (father works from home two days/week).  Pay is $16-$20/hour +paid holidays/paid sick days/paid vacation/travel opportunities with the family.


Family in-town Portland is looking for a Full Time Nanny to join their family this September and stay for the school year. Hours are Monday- Friday Noon-6pm for a total of 30 hours/week.  They have two children ages 4.5 and 1.5 years old who are in school morning hours.  The nanny is needed to pick them up from school, providing lunch, help with naps, reading, quiet time, outside adventures, playing, and then ending with dinner for the children.  They would love a nanny who is a dedicated provider and nannying is her priority, is creative, loving, college educated a plus as well as Montessori background would be a plus, loves venturing outside in all weather, is respectful and open minding, curious, enthusiastic, and second language would be a huge plus.  They are looking for someone to join their family and become part of their team.  Position pays $20/hr + paid sick days/vaca/open for others.


Family in Falmouth is in need of an AFTERSCHOOL NANNY to start September with them.  They will need about 15 hours/week Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-6pm.  They have four children and a nanny SUV for use; ages are 12, 10, and 5.5 year old twins.  Their oldest has Asperger’s and they would love if the nanny had experience working with children with Asperger’s.  Duties include helping with grocery shopping, laundry, tidying, then getting all the children from school and to their activities.  They will need help year round and would love a long term commitment.  Pays is $22-$25/hour for a total of $330-$375/week.


Family in Portland is need of a PART TIME NANNY to start Oct/November for their soon to be born infant who will be 3 months old when the nanny starts.  This family will be first time parents and are looking for an experienced nanny who loves working with infants.  Schedule is 3 full days/week, any three days that fall Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm for a total of 27 hours/week.  They are looking for someone to focus on their baby girl and provide a stimulating, developmentally appropriate environment for her.  They live right in downtown Portland on the waterfront and would love a nanny that could enjoy walking around town and finding adventures to do with the baby as she gets older.  Pay is $16-$20/hour.


Family in Falmouth is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY to start with them August/September, they are very flexible for the right nanny.  They have a 3 year old and baby on the way.  The oldest will be in school 3 days/week.  They need help Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri  8am-5:30/6pm.  Mom works from home Mondays and dad works from home Fridays.  They are looking for someone to join their family for years, who is a professional, and extremely experienced.  They would love help with the baby and all things baby related as well as help around the home when time allows.  They are open to bringing the children to activities, classes, and out and about.  They are open to the pay and also offering paid holidays/sick/vaca.


Family in Cape Elizabeth with a 15month old girl is looking for a permanent babysitter to help either Wednesday or Fridays, they are flexible.  Hours are 9:30am - 3:30pm for about 6 hours/week.  They would also like for one weekend daytime shift/month as part of their scheduling needs.  They are looking for a nanny who has nanny experience, can come up with fun and engaging ideas & activities to do together, likes going outside, taking walks, going to the library.  They would love for the nanny to start April (flexible).   Pay is $16-$20/hour and they are open to a nanny with a child.


Family in Falmouth with a 2.5 year old boy is in need of a Part/Full Time Nanny/Household Manager to start with them by August/Sept.  Hours are Monday-Friday 10:30am-6:30pm.  Their son is in school until 12:30 so the first couple of hours the nanny will help with tidying, organizing, cleaning, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, meal prep, errands, etc.  She will then pick him up from school and provide snacks, playtime, nap time, and getting him outside.  Pay is $18/hour. 


**UPDATED**Family in Cape Elizabeth with almost one year old twins is looking for a PART TIME NANNY to join their family anytime between now-September and become part of their team for many years ideally.  They are looking for an experienced nanny that would be available a few evening shifts/week 5pm-9pm and a weekend shift.  They would love a nanny that is open to traveling with them, available occasional overnights and weekends, and be comfortable with dogs.   Duties include engaging with babies, providing developmentally appropriate activities, help with their growth and learning.  This family is incredibly kind and generous and super appreciative of their nanny.  Pay is open $18-$22 (up to $25/hour for the right nanny).


One of My most FAVORITE families I have worked with is looking for a PART TIME AFTER SCHOOL nanny for their three girls in Cape Elizabeth Monday-Friday 2:45-6pm to start September.  They are ages 10, 7, and 5 years old (the oldest is in a wheelchair and is very self sufficient with no medical needs from the nanny).  This family has welcomed every nanny that has worked for them with open arms, they quickly became part of the family, and the nanny is always valued and respected.  They need help getting the girls off the bus, driving them to their various activities, making their lunches for the next day, and if time allows help keeping up with children’s laundry.  The hours remain consistent in the summer.  Pay is $20/hour, consistent pay always, vaca pay/holiday pay/sick pay.


Family in Gray with two girls ages 5 and 4 are looking for a FULLTIME NANNY/HOUSEHOLD MANAGER to start September 2019.  They need someone Monday-Friday 11:30am-6:30/7:00pm for a total of 35 hours/week.  Duties include picking up children from bus stop, driving to and from activities, provide care and fun activities, homework assistance, and meal prep.  They are looking for a nanny who is comfortable around water as they live on the lake.  They want a nanny who wants to become part of the family and ideally stay for a few years to develop a bond with the children, is friendly, confident, happy, energetic, has initiative, and enjoys helping children thrive and become respectful, caring, and responsible young beings.   Pay is $15-$18/hour + paid holidays/paid sick days/paid vacation/travel with family. 

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