Current Opportunities

Family in Cape Elizabeth with a 15month old girl is looking for a permanent babysitter to help either Wednesday or Fridays, they are flexible.  Hours are 9:30am - 3:30pm for about 6 hours/week.  They are looking for a nanny who has nanny experience, can come up with fun and engaging ideas & activities to do together, likes going outside, taking walks, going to the library.  They would love for the nanny to start April (flexible).   Pay is $16-$20/hour and they are open to a nanny with a child.


Family in Portland with an infant is looking for a nanny to start mid June.  They are considering both full time and very part time nanny candidates.  I am including both schedules that could work for them and ask that you let the office know which schedule could work for you.  Both schedules are on a rotating, every two week scheduling. 

1) Week one Mon/Tues/Fri 8am-7:30pm

    Week two Wed/Thurs  8am-7:30pm

       She will guarantee an average of 60 hours work for two weeks

2) The child will go to daycare fulltime and they will need a nanny to picking up from daycare and bringing home. 

  Week one  Mon/Tues/Fri  5pm-8pm

  Week two  Wed/Thurs   5pm-8pm

They are looking for a nanny who is reliable, flexible, positive, and is willing to help with light house help such as dishes/laundry/cooking.  Pay is $15-$20/hour for fulltime and $20/hour for part time.   Open to a nanny with child.



Family moving to the Falmouth/Cumberland/Portland area is looking for a fulltime nanny to start with them June 13-17th.  They have a 2.5 year old and 8month old.  They have a variety of scheduling needs that will average 30 hours/week.  The shifts will be 7am-4:30pm 3-4 weekdays/week.  They are looking for an active nanny that enjoys goign out and about, exploring, and finding kid friendly activities to do together.   They are looking for a nanny who is kind, loving, safe yet fun, loves being outside, and adventurous.  Other duties including driving children, playing, nap time, cleaning up after children.   Pay is $16-$18/hour + Paid vacation.  They are looking for a nanny who ideally could commit with them for many years.


Family in Falmouth with a 2.5 year old boy is in need of a Part/Full Time Nanny/Household Manager to start with them by August/Sept.  Hours are Monday-Friday 10:30am-6:30pm.  Their son is in school until 12:30 so the first couple of hours the nanny will help with tidying, organizing, cleaning, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, meal prep, errands, etc.  She will then pick him up from school and provide snacks, playtime, nap time, and getting him outside.  Pay is $18/hour. 


Family in Gorham is looking for an early morning nanny for her infant boy.  Schedule is Monday-Thursday and hours will start around 1:30am (yes, in the middle of the night) and go until 6:30am when the nanny is to drop him off at daycare.  The nanny will have a sleeper couch and spare room to sleep/rest in while the baby sleeps.  Duties will be to provide feedings, diaper changing, dressed for daycare, and drop off at daycare in Standish which is 5 minutes from her home.  This is for a single mom and she is looking for a nanny who is reliable, safe, responsible, and loves infants. Position starts May and is long term, pay is $14-$16 maybe $17/hour. 


Mother in South Portland is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY to start May 24th for her infant girl.  The mother works a two week rotating schedule.  Week one the nanny will be needed Mon, Tues, and Fri 8:30am-8:30pm.  Week two the nanny will be needed Wed and Thurs 8:30am-8:30pm.  The nanny will average 30 hours/week.  Duties include all baby care such as feeding, dressing, changing, playing, exercising, nap/bedtimes, fun outings as well as baby’s laundry, picking up baby’s toys, dishes, meal prep for baby when she is old enough, and dishes.  They are looking for a nanny who is passionate about children, is reliable, loves dogs as she has two, someone comfortable with water safety as she has a pool, active, and energetic.   Come January 2020 she will need help every other Saturday 9:30am-5:30pm which then the nanny will start averaging 34 hours/week.  Pay is $14-$18/hour.


Family in Freeport is looking for a VERY PART TIME Nanny to start June for their 3 year old and soon to be born infant and they are very flexible with hours.  Both parents are working professionals and they are looking for help a couple of mornings/week and a couple of late afternoon/evenings a week.  The hours in the morning could be 6am-9am, 6:30-9:30, 6am-10am….they are open to any 3-4 hour shifts.  They need the nanny to help wake the children, feed breakfast, get ready for daycare, and drop off at daycare around 9.  If the nanny wanted more hours she could help with errands, grocery shopping, etc until 10am.  The later hours could be 4pm-7pm, 5pm-7:30pm or any 3-4 hour shift.  Evening duties would be picking up the children from daycare (Right down the street from them) and bringing home, feeding dinner, playing, getting ready for bed, etc.  The days of the week could be whatever the nanny is available for, Monday-Friday; please let the office know what days/times you could help them out.  Position would be 12-16 hours/week depending on what you wanted.  They are looking for a nanny who is experienced working with two younger children at once, has initiative and not needing much training/guidance, has newborn experience, is fun yet responsible.  Pay is $20/hr.


Family in Cape Elizabeth with almost one year old twins is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY to join their family anytime between now-September and become part of their team for many years ideally.  They are looking for an experienced nanny that would be available 4 or 5 full days/week meaning if you prefer 4 ten hour days or 5 eight hour days.  They would love a nanny that is open to traveling with them, available occasional overnights and weekends, and be comfortable with dogs.   Duties include engaging with babies, providing developmentally appropriate activities, help with their growth and learning.  This family is incredibly kind and generous and super appreciative of their nanny.  Pay is open $18-$22 (up to $25/hour for the right nanny).


Family in Saco (right off highway, not even 20 minutes from Portland so very commutable) needs a Part Time, close to Full Time afterschool nanny/household manager for their family.  The position starts anytime but they aren’t in a rush and can wait for the right nanny and ideally they would love someone to stay years with them.  Their needs are  about 24-30 hours/week.  During the school year those hours will be 2-6:30pm (with Wednesdays starting at 1pm) and then summer will be more hours at least 30 hours/week as the children will be in some rec camp and some other camps.  In order to hire a nanny that works well for their family, is flexible, and is open- they are open to discussing more hours during the school to allow you to stay with them year round.  They could use some household managing help.  They have two girls ages 5 and 2 years old.  Duties include picking up from school/camp, bringing home or to activities or classes, snack and meal prep, tidying of children’s areas, laundry, dishes, but really focus on the children is most important.   Pay is $15-$20/hour consistent weekly pay+ paid holidays/paid sick days/paid vacation.


Family in Cape Elizabeth is looking for a PART TIME After school nanny/household manger to start with their family ASAP.  Their daughter is 5 years old and will need to be picked up from school at 2:45.  They are hoping the nanny would be able to work Monday-Friday 12:30-5:30 so those couple of hours before she is home the nanny would help with tidying, walk the dogs, meal prep, laundry, etc.   In the summer the camp hours end at 4pm, but the family will still need you 12:30-5:30, so always 25 hours/week guaranteed.  They are looking for a nanny that is energetic, friendly, has initiative, patient, and good communicator.  Pay is $450-$500/week + paid vacation and paid sick days.  Open to a nanny with child.  


Family in Cape Elizabeth is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY to start mid June for their infant due at the end of March.  Both parents work in healthcare with a rotating schedule.  Nanny will be needed about 3 shifts/week that are 10-12+ hours in duration as early as 6am and as late as 7:30pm Monday-Friday.  They will know the nanny’s schedule 3-4 months in advance for planning.  They are looking for an experienced nanny with a love for infants and their growth and development.  Duties include all childcare related duties as well as general tidying/cleaning as you go and meal prep.  Pay is $15-$22/hour and open to benefit options.


Family in Cumberland Foreside is looking for a PART TIME AFTER SCHOOL NANNY/HOUSEHOLD MANAGER to help their family Monday-Friday 2:30-6:30pm for 20 hours/week.  They have two children ages almost 4 and almost 2 years old.   Duties include helping with grocery shopping, errands, while kids are napping helping with meal prep/laundry/organizing/ tidying and then taking over childcare duties from their fulltime nanny when the children wake up which includes going outside, play time, going to the playground, driving to classes/activities, and also driving to their cousin’s house who they do a nanny share with and spend a lot of time together.   Pay is $18/hr + paid vaca/sick days.  Position starts ASAP and is for at least one year.


Family in Cumberland is looking for a PART TIME NANNY to start April/May Monday-Friday 8am-1pm and when the baby arrives in June hours would increase to Mon-Friday starting at 7am-1pm for a total of 30 hours/week.  She will have the baby come June, 2 year old boy, and 4 year old girl.  Mom is a SAHM who needs help mostly with the oldest two children as she will be caring and nursing the baby.  Nanny is needed for mornings to get ready for the day, bring to school some days/summer camps others, and be able to help out when and as needed around the home/with the baby/other children/and work together with the mom.   Their ideal nanny is easy to work with, is self directed but also able to take direction from the mom, is active, engaging, excited to work with children, and is experienced working with an at home parent.  They are looking for at least a 1+ year commitment and pay range is $18-$22/hour (could consider up to $25/hr for a nanny that has a lot of experience/background)


One of My most FAVORITE families I have worked with is looking for a PART TIME AFTER SCHOOL nanny for their three girls in Cape Elizabeth Monday-Friday 2:45-6pm.  They are ages 10, 7, and 5 years old (the oldest is in a wheelchair and is very self sufficient with no medical needs from the nanny).  This family has welcomed every nanny that has worked for them with open arms, they quickly became part of the family, and the nanny is always valued and respected.  They need help getting the girls off the bus, driving them to their various activities, making their lunches for the next day, and if time allows help keeping up with children’s laundry.  The hours remain consistent in the summer.  Pay is $20/hour, consistent pay always, vaca pay/holiday pay/sick pay.


Family in Gray with two girls ages 5 and 4 are looking for a FULLTIME NANNY/HOUSEHOLD MANAGER to start September 2019.  They need someone Monday-Friday 11:30am-6:30/7:00pm for a total of 35 hours/week.  Duties include picking up children from bus stop, driving to and from activities, provide care and fun activities, homework assistance, and meal prep.  They are looking for a nanny who is comfortable around water as they live on the lake.  They want a nanny who wants to become part of the family and ideally stay for a few years to develop a bond with the children, is friendly, confident, happy, energetic, has initiative, and enjoys helping children thrive and become respectful, caring, and responsible young beings.   Pay is $15-$18/hour + paid holidays/paid sick days/paid vacation/travel with family. 

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