Current Opportunities

May 23 2020


Family in Gray is looking for a PART TIME nanny to join their family, they are very flexible with hours and schedule, they could offer 10-20 hours/week.  Position starts anytime and the children are a 4 year old boy and 1 year old girl.   They live on a lake so being comfortable around water is ideal.  The parents are self-employed and may be in and out of the home, or sometimes the nanny may have just one child with the other is spending time with the parent.  They are looking for a nanny who is caring, happy, peaceful, & genuinely interested in the lives of children and the world they live in.  Duties include playing, outdoor time, learning time, simple lunch or dinner prep for kids, reading stories, bed or nap time, cleaning up as you go, and perhaps laundry if the nanny is open to that. Everything is all very flexible though.  Pay is $16-$20/hour + paid sick days/travel with the family.  They are open to a nanny with a child or even a nanny bringing their dog to work with them.


Family in Gorham is looking for some temporary or long term help for their one year old boy.  Mom is a doctor and her scheduling needs vary, dad works from home for the time being.  They could really just use on average 8-12 hours/week or any help that the nanny might have  available, maybe 2-3 mornings, or 1-2 longer days, or a couple of afternoons?  They are very open.  They are hoping to have someone start for the first two weeks of June for a few shifts.  Pay is $18-$20/hour.


Family in Cape Elizabeth needs a FULLTIME NANNY to start mid June, four days/week that fall Monday-Friday with one day off that rotates, 7:30am-5:30pm.  They have a one year old boy and the nanny duties include playing, reading, planning activities, taking to library/classes/playdates, helping with baby laundry and dishes, picking up toys, and general areas.  Their ideal nanny is patient, nurturing, energetic, flexible, safety focused, is punctual, and a good communicator.  Pay is $18-$20/hour + paid holidays/vaca/sick days and they would love a nanny to stay for many years.


Family in South Portland is in need of a PART TIME NANNY to start with them August for their 3 month old twin babies.  They need about 17 hours/week Tuesday 10am-2pm, Wednesday 10am-6pm, and Thursday 9am-4pm.  Duties include feedings, changing, nap time, getting outside for walks, tummy time, developmental play and activities.  They are looking for a nanny who is enthusiastic about infant care, child growth and development, is nurturing, flexible, calm, and communicative.  Both parents work from home.  Pay is $18/hour and they would love someone to stay long term.


Family in Durham is in need of a Part/Full Time nanny to start mid June/July for their 1.5 year old girl.  They need about 25 hours/week through the summer and come fall likely 30 hours/week.  They can be flexible with their hours and can work around a class or other commitment but are thinking something along the lines of Monday-Friday 10am-3/4pm.  Both parents are working from home at the moment and dad will continue to do so come fall.  They are looking for a nanny to become part of their family, working together as a team, and jumping in and out as needed.  Duties include love and attention first and foremost of their daughter, diapers, meals/snacks, playtime, naptime, art activities, outdoor play and if possible when she takes her nap that varies 1-3 hours/day to have the nanny help with a dinner meal prep would be helpful. They are looking for a nanny who is easygoing, good communicator, flexible, playful, and engaging.  They would love for the nanny to stay numerous years with them.  Pay is $15-$20/hour + paid holidays/vacation/sick days/travel with the family.


Family in Yarmouth is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY starting in the next month or so for their seven month old identical twin boys.  Hours are approximately 45 hours/week that fall between 8:00am-5:30pm. They are looking to establish a long term relationship with an experienced, loving, nurturing nanny who enjoys coming up with creative play activities, spending time outdoors, going on adventures, participating in community activities like music class and story hour at the library and can keep a good schedule. The family is located walking distance to Yarmouth town center. The primary responsibility is providing care for the twins. The family has a six year old daughter who will need to be met at the bus and have after school care only one to two times a week as Mom works part-time and Dad works one day a week from home.  Pay is $20/hour minimum + paid holidays/sick/vaca days and reimbursement for driving (all negotiable depending on experience).


POSITION UPDATED: Family in Cumberland is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY to start ASAP for their family.  They have two children ages 4 and 2 and the mother is due with a baby this September.  They need 40 hours/week and can be somewhat flexible depending on the nanny’s preference and will remain the same during her maternity leave.  Their schedule ideas could be Mon-Thurs 8am-5:30pm or Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm and Fridays 1/2 a day.  Come fall the oldest will be in school for a few hours/day and nanny will be caring for their toddler and baby with duties including playing, planning crafts, outside activities,  meals, getting on/off the bus, and cleaning as you go.  Their ideal nanny will become part of their family, is a good communicator, loves imaginative play/creative play/outdoor play, reading and music, helping their children learn and grow.  Pay is $19/hour + paid holidays/vaca/sick days.


Family in Portland is in need of a FULLTIME NANNY Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm, about 40 hours/week, to start late August/early September. They have two children a 5 year old boy and 10 month old girl.  Starting this fall the boy will be in school full days and the care will mostly be for the youngest child.   Duties include taking outside, going on walks, to activities and classes, engaging and playing with children of very different ages/developmental stages, help with children’s laundry, occasional errands, and preparing food for the children.  Their ideal nanny will be experienced, able to balance the needs of two children, has good communication skills, can stay long term with them, is up to date on their vaccinations, and comfortable with a work at home parent (father has a 3rd floor office he works from 2-4 days/week).  Pay is $16-$20/hour + paid vaca/sick/holidays.


Family in Portland is in need of a Part Time Nanny to start December for their soon-to-be-born baby due in July.  They are open with what days of the week, they need help two shifts that could fall any two days Monday-Thursday and the hours would be 7:30am-4:30pm for a total of 18 hours/week.  They are looking for a nanny who is highly experienced with infant care, stay with their family many years, is kind, smart, engaging, willing to be outside and exploring, and taking to the museums.  Duties also include meal prep, grocery shopping, and laundry.  Pay is $18-$20/hour.


Family in Biddeford is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY to start September for her infant girl who will be 6 months old.  Position is Monday-Friday 6am-6pm for a total of 60 hours/week.  The nanny’s duties are solely the care and wellbeing of the baby such as dressing, feeding, changing, playing, taking her to appointments, taking her to the park/beach/adventures around town and elsewhere, creating new, exciting, educational activities for her, and some help with laundry and dinner prep.  Ideal nanny will be experienced, would treat the baby like their own, is caring, and safe.  She is offering to pay $840-$1200/week + paid holidays+paid vacation.  She is open to a nanny with child.


Family in Portland needs a nanny to start July, they need 24 hours/week three 8 hour days, the days can be flexible and up to the nanny.  They have a 2.5 year old girl and are due with a baby this July.  Mom will be home initially and not going back to work until October so initially the nanny will be spending time with their toddler, playing, getting her outside, etc.  Then while mom is home on maternity leave it will be helping mostly with the toddler, sometimes with the baby, and sometimes around the home.  They would love a nanny who is active, loves finding new adventures, is experienced, willing to help with laundry or cooking if possible.   Their oldest is due to start preschool in the fall (hopefully) and will be going five half days/week- nanny will be walking or driving her to and from school on those days, bring home for lunch, then naps.  They are open to a nanny with a child.


Family in Yarmouth is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY to start September for their baby due at that time.   Hours are Monday-Friday 40-50 hours/week that fall between 7:30am-5:30pm.  They will have just the one infant and they are looking for a nanny who can stay with them for many years as part of their family.  They are looking for someone experienced with newborns as they are first time parents, someone who loves dogs as they have two, someone who would look forward to the opportunity to travel with them about 2-3 times/year, a nanny who is flexible, willing to help out, willing to drive the baby to their offices in Portland occasionally, bring to the park and other activities, and to help around the home with laundry/kitchen tidying.  The mom will be home on maternity leave the first few weeks to overlap with the nanny, then care will be solely from the nanny.  They are offering $18-$20/hour (will consider a higher rate if the nanny’s experience and education deem a higher rate) + they are offering use of a nanny vehicle, +paid holidays/paid sick days/paid vacation/travel with the family.  They really want to find the right fit, long term.  This family also has the ability to consider a live-in nanny as they have an in-law suite that has a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and potential kitchenette .


Family in Freeport is looking for a PART TIME Nanny to start May/June for their two girls ages 3 and 4 1/2 years old.  Hours are Tuesday and Fridays 3:20pm-6:30pm, Wednesday and Thursdays 3:20pm-10:30pm for a total of 20.5 hours/week.  Duties include picking up both girls from school, bringing to activities and outings, playing outside, art projects, providing snacks/meals, on later nights betting them bathed and to bed, children’s laundry and children’s sheets/bed making.  They are looking for a nanny who is upbeat, enjoys art/pretend play/outdoors, is creative, up for anything, is a good communicator, reliable, and takes direction well.  Pau is $17-$20/hour.  They would love a nanny who could stay for many years ideally.  Family is open to a nanny with child.


Family in Cumberland is looking for a FULLTIME nanny to start approximately late June/July, hours are Monday-Friday 9am-4pm for 35 hours/week.  Care is mostly for their youngest who is 6 months old.  They have two older children in school full time ages 3 and 7 and might be in summer camps for the most part this summer.  Parents are currently working from home temporarily.  Nanny will be in charge of all baby related care so experience with babies will be ideal, as will a nanny willing to be a team player, and help keep the house tidy as they go.  The position will be until September 2021 when the baby starts school full time.  Pay is $16-$20/hour + Paid vaca/holidays.   Family is open to a nanny with a child. 


Family in Buxton with a 1 year old and baby due at the end of August is looking for a PART TIME NANNY to start May 3 days/week, flexible days and hours, about a 6 hour shift for a total of 18 hours/week.  They are looking for a nanny who is loving, warm, affectionate, patient, fun, some training/ECE background, and willing to take them on outings.  Initially the mom will be home with the baby and nanny will be spending her time with the older child.  Also helping out with dishes and baby food/meal prep would be helpful. 


Family in the West End neighborhood of Portland needs a PART TIME NANNY to start anytime between now-June 16th  Hours would be Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30am-5:30 They have two children a 3.5 y/o girl and 1 year old boy.    Duties include playing, nap time, music class, meals and snacks, walks, children’s museum, helping with children’s laundry,  general clean and upkeep of baby’s areas.   They would love a nanny who is loving, respectful, clean, punctual, and willing to help out where needed.  Both parents work from home, Pay is $18/hour.


Family in Scarborough is in need of a PART TIME NANNY for their two girls ages 1 and 3 years old.   Mom is a SAHM looking for an extra set of hands.  They need for mid June-end of August four-five days/week, for 25 hours.  They would love for the nanny to be playful, help with snacks, go to the beach, bring to the park, help with with dishes/laundry, who is nurturing, easy to work with, and has a good sense of humor.   They would love if you could continue on into the school year for afternoons, but they are open to seeing if it works or not.  Pay is $15/hour.




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