Current Opportunities

February 17, 2020


Family in Kennebunkport with an infant needs a PART TIME NANNY to start March.   They are flexible with their schedule, they need 15-20 hours/week, three 6-7 hour shifts would be ideal.  They would love a nanny to stay for at least 2.5 years ideally.  They are looking for a nanny to help with all baby related care- feeding, changing, putting down for naps, schedule, playtime, and if napping help with the laundry would be great.  Their ideal nanny will be kind, understanding, loves infants, and has experience caring for infants as a mom/grammie/nanny.   They are open to a nanny with a child.  The mom works in her office right down the street, occasionally dad might work from his in-home office, and occasionally the grandmother might stop by as they live right next doo.  They really want the nanny to become part of their family and enjoy being home and spending the day with the baby.  Pay is $15-$20/hour depending on experience + Paid holidays+paid vacation+ possibly travel with the family.


Family in Cumberland Foreside is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY to start ASAP for their 10 month old girl and stay until September 10 when she starts her school program.   They also have a 5 year old who is in school full time.  Schedule is Monday-Friday 9am-4pm (might change 8am-5pm eventually) for 35-40 hours/week.  They are looking for a nanny who is engaging,  is enthusiastic about age appropriate play, enjoys getting outside, going on walks, driving to various children’s activities, and comfortable baby wearing.  Parents may be in and out of the home as they recently moved here and are settling in/job searching.   They are very open to a nanny bringing her own child.  Pay is $15-$20/hour + Paid holidays/sick/vaca.


Family in Cape Elizabeth is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY to start March 24th for their 22 month old boy and 3 month old girl.   Hours are Mon/Wed/Thursdays 6:15am-4:30pm and occasional Tues of Friday short few hour shifts as needed for about 32-35 hours/week.  Both parents are doctors so they are looking for a nanny who is extremely reliable as well as available to stay later as needed (this doesn’t happen often but if they are in the middle of a surgery and cannot leave, they will phone the nanny to update her- happens very rarely, perhaps 10-15% of the time just by a little).  Duties include playing and engaging with two children under the age of two, feeding, changing diapers, laundry, reading, crafts, letting the dogs out, and general cleaning.  Pay is $20-$25/hour, they are looking for a very experienced nanny + paid vacation and possible use of family’s vehicle.


Family in Scarborough is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY to start March 23rd for their family of three children ages 3, 7, and 9 years old.  They are a two doctor family with a rotating schedule so they are looking for a nanny who is flexible and reliable.  They need about 32 hours/week on average and that would include a variety of shifts (the office can send you a sample two months schedule).  They may need help some mornings getting kids ready for school, some afternoons after school, 1-2 overnights/month, 1-2 later evenings/month, 1-2 weekend shifts/month.  The family will know their schedule 1 month in advance so that the nanny can plan accordingly as well as the nanny can put in requests for specific dates off.  Their ideal nanny is flexible, reliable, creative with play/activity ideas as they minimize use of screen time, organized, and environmental conscious.  They are looking for a long term commitment, ideally a nanny who could stay for years.  They have a family vehicle for the nanny to use.  Pay is $600/week + paid holidays/sick days/vacation/health insurance contribution.  


Family in Cape Elizabeth with two children ages 3 and 6 are in need of a FULLTIME NANNY/HOUSEHOLD MANAGER to start ASAP, 40 hours/week (might be 5 eight hour days or 4 ten hour days)  They need about 50% household care and 50% childcare.  When the children are in school nanny will be responsible for errands, grocery shopping, meal prep, laundry, cleaning, helping around hte home as needed as well as being available for the children should they not be able to go to school, home sick, school vaca days, etc.  The 3 year old will need to be picked up 2:45 from school and then the oldest is off the bus by 3:30 so duties now include playing, outside time, activities.  The family is looking for a long term placement and are offering full time hours to have this stability and reliability with their nanny/household manager.   Their ideal nanny will be playful, loving, calm, safety-minded, good communicator, and supportive.  Their pay rate range is $16-$18/hour + paid vaca/holidays/sick.


Family in Yarmouth is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY to start ASAP.  Hours are Mon/Tues/Thurs 8am-5pm, Wed 8am-6pm, and Fridays 9am-5pm for a total of about 45 hours/week.  They have twin infants who are currently 4 month old, the majority of care will be for them, they also have a 5.5 year old who will be home in later afternoons.  Parents work from home occasionally and sometimes work out of the home.  They are ideally looking for a nanny experienced caring for two babies at the same time and a nanny who is looking for a position that is baby focused.   Pay is $16-$20/hour + paid holidays/sick/vaca days.


The ABOVE YARMOUTH family would be open to hiring a temporary nanny the next 1-2 months.  If you are open to just temp please let me know.


Family in Cape Elizabeth is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY to start March 4 full days/week, Mon, Tues, and Wednesday 8-5 and Thursday OR Fridays 10am-5pm for a total of about 34 hours/week.  They have twin boys who just turned 1 year old.  Duties include playing and interacting with the boys, supporting their developmental growth, all things child related- feeding, diapers, nap time, and getting them outside and to activities, going on walks, and help with meal prep.  Their ideal nanny is safety oriented, reliable, organized, enjoys being outside and active, and is fun.  Mom works from home a 2-4 days/week.  They are looking for a long term commitment.  Pay is $15-$18/hr + Paid holidays/sick/vaca/travel with family.


Family in South Freeport is looking for a PART TIME NANNY to join their family Dec/Jan.  They have a 6 month old and need help about 15-20 hours/week that can be very flexible.  Ideally it would be spread out over 3-4 days, but again very open and flexible for the right nanny.  They are looking for a nanny that is engaging, playful, is excited coming into work, loves infants, has motherly intuition, has good initiative and willing to help with dishes, tidying, laundry, etc.  Mom sometimes works from home.   They would love a nanny who could stay for many years, pay is $16-$22/hour.  


Family in Scarborough is in need of a PART TIME NANNY to start ASAP for their two girls ages 1 and 3 years old.   Mom is a SAHM looking for an extra set of hands.  They need help during the school year 3 afternoons/week 1-5pm to help either pick up the oldest from school or stay home with the youngest.  For July and August they would need more hours but are open to you staying on just for your 3 afternoons (and will hire another sitter) or open to you staying on five days/week, for 25 hours.  They would love for the nanny to be playful, help with snacks, go to the beach, bring to the park, help with with dishes/laundry, who is nurturing, easy to work with, and has a good sense of humor.   Pay is $15/hour.


Family in Yarmouth with two girls ages 4 and 6 need help Wednesdays 2:30pm-9pm and Fridays (possibly could do Monday if better for the nanny) 4:15pm-7:30pm  or later for date nights if the nanny wanted.  They are also open to a nanny who is just available Wednesdays only.   Wednesdays will start by helping with dishes, laundry, meal prep, and tidying until the oldest gets off the bus around 4, then pick up their youngest, come home for quiet time, play time, homework, dinner, reading, and ready for bed.  Pay is $20/hour and position starts anytime.


Family in Yarmouth is in need of PART TIME TEMPORARY NANNY help starting ASAP for their family of three children ages 4, 6, and 7 Monday-Friday 3pm-6:30pm. or start at 2:30pm before kids get home and help prep, for 18-20 hours/week.  Duties include picking up the youngest from daycare and meeting the two older children from the bus, one day/week involved bringing to Portland for a lesson and one day to gymnastics in South Portland.  Very occasionally the mom might take the children and the nanny could help with errands and help where needed and dinner prep for children.  Pay is $20-$22/hour and starts January/ASAP and goes until June 26th.  UPDATE: If the nanny is available they could use fulltime help during the summer, 40 hours/week.  This is optional for the nanny depending on what she wants.


UPDATED: Family in Yarmouth is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY to start mid-May 2020 Monday-Friday (every other Fridays) 8/8:30am-5/5:30pm for their two girls ages 6 (in school full time) and 1.5 years old.  Duties include getting outside, reading, planning fun activities in the community, getting their oldest from the bus/school, light cleaning, dishes, laundry, errands.  They would love a nanny who is loving, responsible, active, reliable, engaging, flexible, and able to give their children 100% focus/engagement.  Pay is $15-$18/hour + paid holidays/paid vacation.


Family moving to Maine, likely Cape Elizabeth is looking for a FULLTIME NANNY to join them August 24, 2020  They have a one year old boy who will be 2 years old when the nanny starts.  Both parents are doctors, their schedule varies slightly but the earliest start time would be 6:15am and the latest end time would be 6:45pm.  They can offer a nanny 40 hours/week as they will have another nanny helping the other 15-20 hours/week.  So that allows for some flexibility with the nanny’s exact schedule- some ideas could be 3 or 4 long days or 4-5 shorter days, etc; they are open to ideas.  Their ideal nanny will be active, willing to explore/go on adventures/socialize their son as he loves being with other kiddos, being outside, playing.  They would love a nanny who can potentially stay 5+ years or longer, they would love for the nanny to join their family for the long term as there will be plans for another baby in the future.  They would like help with childcare first and foremost, help getting their dog outside/walk, dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, and would be super appreciative if the nanny was a good/healthy cook.  They are offering $15-$18/hour + paid vacation/holidays.




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