Who Are Our Nannies

We primarily find our nannies through word of mouth. Our nannies tend to stay with our agency for many years, sometimes decades.  Our previous and current families and nannies frequently recommend using Portland Nannies to other nannies. Portland Nannies prides itself on building lasting relationships with our nannies!


We work with nannies ages 18 to 79 years old.   Most are in their late 20's and 30's and have had significant formal or informal experience working with children.  A large number of our candidates are college educated or have had child related training preparing them for work as caregivers.  Almost all of our nannies are from Maine, born and raised, and know the area well.  They all have their own vehicle they are willing to use to transport children as well as a valid driver's license.  They are all willing to make at least a one year commitment and above everything else, posses a genuine love and interest in children.

We only place a nanny if we would feel comfortable having her take care of our own children.  We actually reject about 75% of the nannies who apply based on their completed application, responses to interview questions, lack of quality references, and/or lack of knowledge pertaining to child development.