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Please use this link to download and complete the nanny application: WEBSITE NANNY APPLICATION 

Once you have filled out the nanny application, print a copy and save as a PDF file.

Completed applications can be emailed to the office





Our online nanny application is very detailed. The button below will take you to which will allow you to fill out our application online without requiring any special tools.

We strongly suggest you register at so you can save the application as you are filling it out. If you do not register, anything you have filled out will be lost when you leave the page.

PLEASE start by downloading the nanny application so that you will be filling it out on your computer and able to save directly this way.

When you are done with your application, return to this page to upload and send it to us using the form below.  Or you can email us your nanny application directly  

You should hear from us within 48 hours.  If you do not hear from us within that time frame, please give us a call at:  207.799.0200.

Now that you're ready; sit back, relax and click the button below to get started.

- Thank You!

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Submit Your Completed Application
  • Fill Out The Form Using The Link In The Purple Button Above
  • Download first and Save Your COMPLETED Application To Your Computer
  • Send It To Us Using The Form Below OR email directly

    Helpful Tips:

    Registering At PDF Escape
    PDFescape is free to use. While you do not have to register, we recommend that you do. This will allow you to "Save" the application as you are working on filling it out and return to it. If you do not register, all of the information will be lost as soon as you log out or close the window.

    Important Buttons:
    The following buttons are located on the PDFescape toolbar on the left of the application you are filling out. See the image below:

    SAVE = When registered, this will save what you have done so far.

    DOWNLOAD = This will save  copy of the application to your Download folder on your computer. (this is the copy you will send to Portland Nannies using  the submission form on this page)

    PRINT = Will open your print queue for printing a hard copy.