Ready To Start The Search?

Portland Nannies understands that parents consider multiple childcare options for their children and we appreciate you considering Portland Nannies as one of them.  The process of finding a great nanny can take anywhere between four to sixteen weeks, but the market is becoming increasingly competitive and we like to say that a family can never have too much time! We regularly have new applicants and long-time nannies that sometimes know months in advance when their positions will be coming to an end.  The process of working with Portland Nannies is very personalized and thorough, so we recommend giving yourself a nice buffer when starting your nanny search.  For families who need a nanny sooner, we do offer temporary nannies in the interim while we conduct your permanent nanny search.

Online Application

Families start by filling out the online family application, where they can go into detail about their family, schedule, childcare needs, and nanny expectations.  Once an application is submitted, you should hear from the office within 24 hours.

In-Home or Phone Interview

A placement specialist will go over your application together with you, in-person at your convenience or over the phone.  This will give us valuable insight as to what your family's unique needs are and what nannies will best fit those needs.  Our placement specialist will ask lots of questions in order to help to identify the qualities your ideal candidate should posses.

Nanny Candidate Reviewing

Immediately after going over your family's application and unique needs, you will start to receive prospective nanny candidate profiles for review.  These profiles will only be of nannies that we feel would be a good fit for your family, are able to meet your scheduling needs and expectations, posses the experience/education/qualities you are seeking, and are nannies we feel you would want to interview and meet with! The profiles are delivered via PDF emailed files and contain 20-40 pages of nanny information. We continue to send profiles to families on a weekly basis.  Most families receive (on average) around eight nanny profiles, but depending on their situation it could be as few as three and as many as two dozen.  Family feedback along the way is welcomed and will only further help us in narrowing down the search.  We would rather send six perfect candidates versus a dozen that the family has to sift through.

Nanny Candidate Interviews

Once you start reviewing profiles, you are able to reach out to the nannies directly to set up an interview. Our office provides sample interview questions for families to consider asking when meeting with prospective candidates.  The more nannies a family interviews, the more likely they will recognize when they have found the right fit.

Job Offer

Once a family has decided on the nanny they wish to hire, Portland Nannies will assist in the offer, contract, and acceptance.  We provide our families a sample contract that will leave both family and nanny with a clear understanding of their commitment, obligations, and expectations.  After the nanny's acceptance, Portland Nannies will put together a welcome packet for you that contains additional information on tax withholdings, guidelines, your complimentary edition to our babysitting list, and more.  The placement fee will be collected at the time of acceptance.