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Our commitment to every family is to find professional and committed individuals to care for your children. We never lose sight that our business is based on children's emotional and physical well-being. We have developed a very effective procedure to help assure you that the nannies we place in your home will be loving, nurturing, encouraging and responsible caregivers.  Our goal is to take the stress out of the process of finding a reliable and qualified nanny for your family!

Portland Nannies is uniquely qualified to match top-notch nannies with Maine families.  We take pride in our connections with both families and nannies on a personal level in order to facilitate a successful and lasting match.

Upon receipt of your family application, we will contact you so that we can fully understand the dynamics of your family and your precise childcare needs. We will then begin the work necessary towards making the best possible placement for your family’s unique requirements. Completed files of nanny applicants will be sent to you immediately for your review. We will continue to forward nannies to you until a mutual agreement is made between you and the nanny you select.

What Can You Expect of Your Nanny?

The nanny’s first priority is the care and well-being of the children.   They will work alongside parents, as a team, while creating an engaging environment and that the children in their care are happy, healthy, and safe.  Most nannies are open to light housekeeping and running family errands.  Light housekeeping as defined by Portland Nannies, generally consists of those tasks revolving around the care of the children. We find that the needs of the children are best met when the housekeeping responsibilities are clearly less important than child care responsibilities.

All of our nannies typically receive two consecutive days off per week with weekends usually being the preferred days.  You can request that your nanny agree to babysit occasionally as part of their basic responsibilities and hours.

All our nannies are willing to transport children in their car, but do need to be reimbursed for mileage.

How Much Does a Nanny Cost?
What About Benefits?

  • Live-Out nanny salaries range from $15.00 up to $25.00 per hour, depending on the nanny's experience and education as well as her responsibilities at your position.   The average pay rate range is $18-$22/hour.
  • Live-In nanny salaries range from $500.00 and up and include room and board.
  • Professionals at Portland Nannies are available to help you decide upon the right salary range for your job and the type of candidate you are looking for.
  • Nannies are given at least six paid major holidays and two weeks of paid vacation per year. Vacations are decided upon by mutual agreement of the timing.
  • Most important is that the nanny maintains consistent pay.  The nanny should be able to count on her income consistently regardless if she is needed to work.
  • Having the nanny travel with you is looked upon as an added benefit to the nanny.
  • Portland Nannies recommends periodic salary and performance reviews.  We provide the families with review forms at the six-month and twelve-month periods.
  • Taxes should be paid to the government. We provide information on taxes and companies that offer payroll services.
  • Full-time nannies sometimes request health insurance. We recommend that employers consider sharing some or all of the expense of insurance. Nannies will have the rates available for you at the time of her their interview. We also have information in our office on low-cost health insurance.
  • Other benefits that can be worked into a contract can include paid sick days,  personal days, tuition reimbursement, and travel time reimbursement.


The Benefits of Working With Portland Nannies

  • First and foremost is the quality of our nannies.  Our nannies continue to work with our agency for many years, referring other providers to apply with us, and new nannies apply via word of mouth.  Portland Nannies does not advertise seeking nannies, we establish longterm relationships with the nannies already established within agency.


  • We offer back-up childcare services for snow days, sick days, emergencies, date nights, etc.


  • We offer a 90-day replacement guarantee period.  If you have chosen the wrong nanny within your guarantee period, we will attempt to provide a replacement as soon as possible at no additional charge to you.  We believe that 90 days gives our families and nannies enough time to make sure it is a perfect match.


  • We are one of the longest running nanny agencies in the country, helping families in Maine since 1985.  We have established a rigorous screening process with our nannies minimizing the family's need of investing more time in their search.   We only send candidates that are interested, available, and meet the family's needs, expectations, and qualifications.


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